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Aptamil ,Nido, Nutrilon Baby Milk Powder Available For Sell

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Infant Milk From Birth Our unique blend of ingredients Our unique patented blend of galacto and fructo-oligosaccharides GOS / FOS (9: 1) LCPs (AA / DHA) -

Nucleotides Now with elevated LCP levels (Omega 3 and Omega 6) Making the right nutritional habits for you and your baby With over 50 years of experience in

baby food, our passionate team of over 250 pediatricians, nutritionists and scientists continues to develop the benefits of nature to develop our unique

formulas based on Your baby's needs are tailored at every stage of development. Also available in ready-to-feed 200ml and 1 liter resealable bottles. Pour in

your normal bottle. Contains our unique blend of ingredients. Proceed to the next level Aptamil Hungry Milk Contains our unique blend of ingredients Designed

to delay the early onset of weaning Suitable for babies ages up to 12 months.Also sell nido milks of all grams 400g,900g,1800g and 2500g. Our prices are


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  • Dodano: 2018-10-30
  • Ważne do: Oferta archiwalna
  • Stan: Nowy
  • Miejsce produkcji: Germany
  • Marka: Milk Powder
  • Pakowanie: Sealed
  • Warunki płatności: TT
  • Czas dostawy: 3 dni
  • Minimalne zamówienie: 750
  • Zdolności wytwórcze: 20000
  • Certyfikaty: Very Okie
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